Fasting during the month of Ramadan is not only abstaining from food and drink throughout the day but it is the month when the Holy Qur’an was revealed and it is therefore a time of spiritual reflection and self improvement. This year, fasting has come at the peak of the summer where daylight hours are long and the summer heat makes you very thirsty. it not only ends on food  Ramadan is a great time to give to charity ....Hstdeals offers the best charity options this Ramadan

Gift-a-meal box on Hstdeals is best option for your charity this Ramadan where you just spend some pennies to serve and to make a big move to make difference. It’s just 10AED per gift-a-meal box. here the options doesn’t  end there are many more options with the every product you  buy there is an charity option for our customers and even if you don’t opt  for every buy there is 1AED charity to the needy people from Hstdeals

Questions arise like where do they donate do this?

Is it trust worthy? Is my money going in to right hands?

Here scrolls down the answer for all our customers for gift-a-meal box  it is distributed in associated with CDA(community development authority) in Dubai that serves to nearly 1,00,000 needy people every month.

Here is the answer for your charity @ Hstdeals goes to HLCHS (Hyderabad leprosy health care society).It is non –profitable social welfare organization. It looks on restoring life of disable. Dishearten people who are suffering from different allied diseases.

Come lets join hands with Hstdeals and make a big move.


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