Today marks the end of the holy and blessed month of Ramadan. Twenty nine days of fasting come to such a beautiful end. A new beginning with the new moon which calls for celebrations and conviviality. While the primary notions remain just the same, let’s have a look in what different ways .on this  delightful occasion HSTDEALS all our valuable customers,fans,followers etc….a very auspicious “Eid Mubarak


HSTDEALS doesn’t go just with a wish as always. We have got for you all Top 10 eid deal so that you never miss out the best one!!!!

Top 10 eid deals

1.   Make every one’s eyes cross up on yourself with an elegant and unique combination of unisex moustache watch and ultra violet UV protective shawl @ AED59!!!


  1. Don’t you think not even the gift is special gift box too take the maximum attire of your beautiful gift. Gift your loved ones the best gift ever this eid with special love box.hey it’s just not one its two love boxes@AED39!!!!



  1. Gift your loved ones the best ever gift this eid. Look up elegant and premium gifts for your guests. The antique two face European clock for just @AED499!!!


  1. Make your more beautiful and extravagant this eid luxurious home décor starting @AED39!!!!


  1. Missed out shopping for this eid don’t worry we have great deals and a range of attired products for our lovely sisters, girl, moms, womens starting @AED20!!!


  1. Are you a company head worried about what to gift your colleagues this eid. We have best alighthened products that fits your pockets to and even make your colleagues happy starting @AED39!!!


  1. Want to make this eid best eid ever for your world’s one in million baby .HSTDEALS brings up the best ever products for babies and child starting @AED99!!!!


  1. Love you kitchen!!! Make up your kitchen the smartest kitchen ever the id. Smart kitchen gadgets starting @AED19!!!!


  1. Bored up with the old products watch out our new collections, products, and accessories on new arrivals starting @AED40!!!!!


  1. Didn’t found anything this eid for your grannies and grand pas. Exclusively HSTDEALS offer senior products that suits their day to day life


Stay tuned for great offers,deals,occasional sales and promotional sales .


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