WOW! 2,000 Likes. We have come a long way here on facebook we are amazed and humbled by all of the support and love that has been shown to us from our loyal followers and fans and we just couldn’t resist the chance to celebrate reaching what to us is a major milestone.

Here is our milestone journey in flash back

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Enter, share and spread the love. We have met so many wonderful people on our milestone journey and have loved every minute of it.

As well as showing you our capabilities, skills and high standard of work, Facebook has importantly allowed us to “humanize” our work place. We hope that through our Facebook page we have represented our company and it has allowed us to show you the human side of our business through numerous photos, one-on-one conversations, personal tidbits, non-business interaction and great contests.

The purpose of our Facebook page is to be a bit of fun, providing an insight to our business and life inside and outside of work hours, sharing our love of give aways and the experiences, places and people it enables us to be exposed to. Letting you know what is happening more or less as it happens. Hopefully we have created a friendly, welcoming environment where we work with our customers, helping them to get the most out of their budget so they can enjoy it till the end. We respect and owe our customers and give huge discounts and sales it’s just for an every reason we make our customer happy. We appreciate your support and thank all our customers to support us!!!! Letz join to share spread the love…….


HSTDeals- Special Bunddle Offers

HST Deals

Our Bundle Offer is a customized special offer  from our selection of the best and unique trendy products. We offer very low and affordable prices. By combining several products together, you get a better price than if you will purchase them individually. We have carefully selected our product packages that will meet individual needs For Her| For Him |For Home| For Teens| For babies, Child |For essentials. It brings together cost effective purchase for our customers from our wide selections of bundled offers.


Organize your Kitchen In trendy way this Ramadan make your dishes more tastier  .shop at Home Shopping Trends And Find Latest Gadgets For Kitchen Shop Now At Home Shopping Trends. With huge savings and lots of rewards…

  • Messing up with squeezing lemons every time. Get every drop of juice out of your lemons & limes without having to squeeze them with the Lemon Juice Sprayer – Spray it, don’t squeeze it!GRAB NOW FOR AED45 AED20
  • Having a steam facial with your boiling pot of pasta is no fun. Neither is being splashed by hot oil as you are deep frying! With the Chef Basket, you can drain all those worries away. The Chef Basket is designed to facilitate all your cooking needs easily and effectively.GRAB NOW FOR AED 150 AED 39
  • Get perfect thin banana slices every time you cut it with innovative Chef’s banana slicer.GRAB NOW FOR  AED 100 AED 65
  • Pour the perfect amount every time, without the mess. Just squeeze the trigger of this whimsical honeycomb syrup dispenser to release a perfect stream of honey or syrup.GRAB NOW FOR  AED 120 AED 85
  • Easily seed and slice melons with this double duty gadget. The spoon end scoops out seeds and the wire end slices halved or-quartered melons.GRAB NOW FOR  AED120 AED 55
  • Ever wanted the serve the perfect slice of Pie to your Guest or Family but ended up with pathetic looking slice instead? ‘The Perfect Slice’ is the Perfect answer to you!GRAB NOW FOR AED100 AED50
  • Quickly,effortlesssly and easily prepare all your favorite potato dishes with making your hands messy with Tater mits.GRAB NOW FOR  AED100 AED45
  • Creates perfectly even strawberry slices and enjoy the taste natural juicy strawberry with just slit innovative strawberry slicer set.GRAB NOW FOR AED 100 AED 50
  • Dispense the Perfect amount of batter every time with innovative batter dispenser.GRAB NOW FOR  AED120  AED 45
  • Core and slice a prickly pineapple into pile of juicy bites in seconds ith the aid of this clevely designed tool pine apple  corer and slicer.GRAB NOW FOR AED100 AED40


Ever go to a department store and see accessories only to find out its 50 bucks for a necklace or ring? You go up to a clerk and ask, “Does this piece have gold in it?” “No,” they reply. “It’s costume jewelary.” We’ve been there. This happens more than it should, who doesn’t want colorful, fun trendy necklaces, bracelets and rings and many more…   for her matching   outfit? Check out these cute trendy options guaranteed to give you a sweet tooth without the dreaded cavity.


  1. Let your love shine bright with a LED Love Pendant, artistically crafted with a red crystal heart and angelic wings – Comes with a long retro chain! For 25 aed
  2. Beautiful, hand made SILVER PLATED RED MURANO STYLE CHARM BRACELET for 39 aed
  3. Accessorize in great style with this fashionable Shamballa Bracelet for 39 AED
  4. Get magic to transform your hairstyle from ordinary to beautiful – in just seconds with  Ez Combs for just 39 AED
  5. Keep your bag clean and undamaged with a stylish, compact, and durable Round Bag Hook available in fashionable – Easy portability in a bag, purse or handbag!  For just 39 aed
  6. Raring for retro? Indulge in some vintage-esque style with 88% off this gorgeous chunky diamond  bracelet for 39 AED
  7. Add a hint of styleto your mobile with a water and dust proof ear cap plug adorned with glitzy crystal rhinestones !for just 39aed
  8. This multi-function UV protection shawl protects your bare skin form the sun’s ultraviolet radiation for 25 aed
  9. Gear up for autumn with a soft and long-lasting Pendant Scarf for 39 aed
  10. This is a beautiful, hand-made murano glass bead bracelet that features lovely shades of bright colors each with a unique design for just 39 AED

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Imported Bamboo-Charcoal Slimming Body Suit

Construction from high quality bamboo-charcoal fibre, this slimming body suit is designed to shape and lift your abdomen, hips and thighs whilst improving blood circulation and metabolism. A contoured fit with a lowered neckline, it pushes up your bust to prevent sagging.

A cross back design also helps to correct your posture. Comprised of a breathable and elastic material, this slimming body suit is an ideal companion! It’s also machine washable for a worry less and no-frills experience.


  • Body slimming suit with charcoal available in different colors
  • Eliminates 88-95% of odor and can also absorbs toxic chemicals such as sulfide, nitride, methanol, benzene, phenol
  • Pulls sweat away and keeps your body dry
  • Adjusts humidity in accordance with the external conditions
  • Helps you maintain your warmth
  • Bamboo charcoal is rich in calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, manganese and phosphorus
  • Available in sizes S-M (for 45-60kg, hip 84cm-94cm and waist 62cm-72cm) and L-XL (for 65-80kg, hip 98cm-105cm and waist 76-81cm)
  • Hand wash with neutral detergent
  • Twist gently after washing and let it dry at cool place
  • No bleaching •No machine washing or tumble drying
  • Smoke out unwanted odours Bamboo charcoal yarn is made from nano-sized bamboo charcoal mixed with polyester and then spun with special techniques. Bamboo charcoal has a dense structure and contains numerous pores and minerals. It is excellent in removing odours, moisture and bacteria. In addition, the far infrared rays and anions it releases are favorable for maintaining warmth and boosting metabolism.

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